Year Round Boarding

Boarding Rate Includes:

Specific Feeding Program geared toward age, Term of Pregnancy or Physical Activity.  Utilizing High Quality Horse Feeds.


Horses are fed individually in their own stall or outdoor feeding paddock. No horse has to fight for his/her feed.  Feeding occurs two or three times a day depending upon individual needs.


All horses are monitored every day for general well being and over all health.  Foals, Weanlings Yearlings & Lay Ups are Weighed and Measured every 30 days to record proper weight and growth.


Sales Preparation


Sales Prep Boarding Includes:

Every Sales Prepped Horse:

  • Has it’s own 12 x 12 stall with Individual Fan

  • Has it’s own individual turn out paddock

  • Is fed up to 3 times a day & Quality Alfalfa Hay twice a day.

  • Hand walked 2 to 4 times a week.

  • Round Pen Work & Ponying if needed.

  • European Exerciser 2 to 4 days a week.

  • Surcingle work at least twice a week.

  • 1/2 day a week set aside for training:

    • to walk professionally at sale

    • to set up at sale.

    • use of Chiffney Bit

  • Rinsed every work day – Full Bath every Friday

  • Groomed Every Morning – Kept out of Sun during the day

  • Turned out in evening 2 to 6 days a week depending upon weather conditions

  • Weighed & Height Measured every 30 days for proper growth.

    • Feed adjusted accordingly.

  • Monthly Status Reports included in Invoicing


Miscellaneous Charges for Regular Board and/or Sales Prep at Farm

  • Farrier trims and/or shoes every 30 days.

  • De-Worming Program every 30 days

  • Vaccination Schedule followed.

  • Miscellaneous Vet Charges as needed.

  • Miscellaneous Equine Chiropractor Charges as needed.

  • Clipping/Mane Pulling 2 days prior to shipment.

  • Dye Mane & Tail prior to shipment to sale if needed.


Sales Representation

Agent Services Provided Prior to Shipment into Public Auction:

  • Follow up on all paper work requirements to meet deadlines:

    • Jockey Club Papers

    • Coggins, EVA & Health Certificate

    • Stallion service certificate for PG Mares

    • Required vaccinations if necessary

  • Prepare wordage for stall board

  • Order Leather Name-Plated halters

  • Prepare Marketing Advertisement

  • Hire Professional Showmen to present stock to Buyers

  • Research/Study Pedigree for Prepared Knowledge with Buyers

  • Prepare Sale Show Cards for tallies on numbers of “shows”

  • Schedule final Sale Shoes 2 days prior to shipment to sale.

  • Schedule Vet for Scoping & X-Rays (if needed) for Repository

  • Preparation of Buyer Packets that include:

    • Health Records

    • Pedigree Information

    • Copies of Health Papers, Coggins & JC Papers

    • Information on Stakes Eligibilities & Accreditations


Agent Services Provided at Public Auction:

  • Bathe, Hot Walk & Stall Cleaned Every morning.

  • Feed and Alfalfa Hay 2 to 3 times per day as needed.

  • Groomed Every Morning & Thru Day for Shows

  • Oral Paste Electrolytes as needed

  • Vet Administered SMZ tablets for extra immunity protection from stress due to shipping & sale atmosphere as needed.

  • Address any specific requirements for each horse

    • Legs wrapped

    • Regumate required

    • Wounds treated if minor, etc.

  • Consult with Buyers in regards to questions in areas of:

    • Pedigree

    • Physical Confirmation

    • Mental Acuity

    • Level of Training

    • Health Records

    • Discussion of reserves set

      • Prior Permission obtained from Owner

  • Assist Sale Vets in Scopes & X-rays

  • Set Reserves at Owners Request with Sales Company

  • Hire Night watchman & consult on specific requirements

  • Daily consultations with Owners at end of each day:

    • Number of Shows

    • Level of Interest from Buyers

      • Both Positives & Negatives

    • Number of Scopes & / or Repository Checks

  • Final Sale Prep 20 min prior to going to ring

  • Each Horse taken to Sale Ring by Professional Showmen

  • Agent at Back Ring with Horse to speak with potential buyers

  • Private Sale Mediation between Buyer and Seller if necessary

  • Assist in Arrangement of Shipping (at Owners Cost) if reserve is not achieved.

  • Work with Sale Company on any after sale requirements.


Agent’s Services Post Sale:

  • Mail Buyer Packets to New Owners

  • Answer Possible Follow up Questions from New Owners

  • Consult with Sale Company on Proceeds timeline

  • Final Invoicing:

    • Proceeds received by Agent direct from Sale Company

    • Invoicing Processed

    • Proceeds distributed to Client minus Sale Costs in timely manner. 


Lay Ups

Consideration is given to the needs of each individual and priced according to the seriousness of a possible injury, or if an individual is just in need of a little R & R



The foaling program at 4M provides a spacious 12 x 24 foaling stall, excellent veterinary services and experienced staff who enjoy working with mares and foals.  Each new Mom and her foal have individual turnout paddocks.   As an added bonus, we can help you with your foal registrations (identification, photos and DNA analysis) with the The Jockey Club and Texas-bred program.



To our customers:


Please contact me if you have any questions in regards to our services.  I am happy to assist in any way that I can.

Sincere Regards,


Heidie Jo Maikranz