About Us

Thank you for visiting the new website of 4M Ranch, owned by Jim and Heidie Maikranz of Rochelle, Texas. For many years, 4M Ranch has specialized in breeding, raising and marketing some of the finest thoroughbred horses in the industry.  With 4M's continued success in the sales ring, the buyers of their stock are now seeing successful results at the track. 



A note from Jim and Heidie


We have always seen each Thoroughbred as an individual, with it’s own personality and it’s own specific needs in the management area of nutrition and care.  So here at the 4M Ranch, we handle and will always handle each individual horse as exactly that...an individual. If you have questions regarding our Thoroughbred Management Program, Stock for Sale or Assistance at Public Auctions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help.


- Jim & Heidie Maikranz